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Be Italian with Siciclando!

When you come on tour with us,
we bring you into our culture, our lifestyle.

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It's about Connections

Our 78% return guest rate says we build more than great bike tours.
We build trust. We build connections. We build relationships.
The advantage of a guided tour is two-fold:


Our experienced guides provide daily logistical support. They keep you on track and keep your bike maintained.



We're passionate about Italy. We're passionate about sharing Italy with you. Our guests often tell us that their guides feel like life-long friends. Join the Siciclando family on a guided tour and see for yourself.

Meet some of our guides. The Siciclando family!


How can you look at life through only one lens? There is so much to see and experience. For me, it is about finding the beauty of different places and different people in a variety of ways — through adventure, culture, and art.

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Andrea Agrippa

Tour Leader

Designing a new tour with beautiful rides and experiences is always exciting. When my team and I design a bike trip we put ourselves into the shoes of our guest...

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Daniele Tarozzi

Tour Leader

I love cycling, hiking, climbing, playing football (known as soccer in the US) and discovering new places.

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Valentin Musteata

Tour Leader

Life is an adventure with many things to learn and try. For me that has led to many types of careers that overlap and balance each other in a beautiful way.

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Luca Rivetti

Tour Leader Coach

With Siciclando I am able to combine my love of being active, my joy to work with guests from other places, and my passion to share my country.

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Enrico Papini

Tour Leader

My education and interest in nature define my philosophy: "Be gentle with the Earth." This philosophy is a nice foundation for my work with Siciclando.

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Roberta Agate

Tour Leader

Most people call me Orso (Bear), but really I am a teddy bear. It is a pleasure for me to meet new people and share stories from our lives. Believe me, there is a lot to share.

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Daniele Piermarini

Tour Leader

Joining the Siciclando team was a natural fit. We both share an interest in making the most of each day, finding the beauty in the simple moments, and enjoying it with friends. We just began and I look forward to see the rest of the story unfold.

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Amedeo Fiorella

Tour Leader