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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many of the questions our customers ask us

Biking Levels/Experience

No. While on a guided tour, you can jump in the van with the guides, if you prefer. On a self-guided tour you may also choose not to do your bike ride. If it is a loop ride to and from the hotel, you simply miss that day's ride. If you need to transfer hotels, the hotel staff can help you arrange for a transfer/taxi. If we create a custom tour for you, we can add no-bike days into the itinerary.
Your bike comes with a new water bottle, a GPS unit, and a pack to put small items such as a wallet, jacket, camera, or snacks. We have helmets you can use, yet you may prefer to bring your own helmet. If you are riding with cleats, bring your own pedals and bike shoes. We can add them to your assigned bike. You may also want to consider bringing sunglasses. Some people bring their own bikes for the tour.
Our guides can assist you.
This is a ride, not a race. Our guides are always close by and your safety is our number one concern. If you are slower, a guide will make sure you are doing okay. You may consider using one of our electric bikes, which allow you to stay with the group. There is never any pressure to be faster.
On a guided tour, your guide can suggest additional routes.
Our rides average about 33 miles/53 kilometers a day. Most locations in Italy and Sicily are rolling hills with an average total elevation gain of 1600 feet/488 meters. The only tour that is consistently more challenging than that is the Dolomites tour, which has a consistent climb with greater elevation gains.
There is not one type of biker on our tour. We support people on tour who are leisure cyclists through to avid cyclists. In fact, most of our group tours include people of differing abilities within the same tour. With 20 years experience in the bike tour business we know how to adapt routes/itineraries and provide the support you need to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. We provide several types of bikes so we can match the right bike with your level of biking: hybrid bikes, road bikes, and electric bikes.


Be ready for any weather; layers for warm to cold weather and wind/rain jacket. For a typical 8-day tour we suggest at least 3 bike bottoms (chamois liners, bike shorts/tights/capris, skorts) and a minimum 4 jerseys (depending on your preference). Consider some short sleeve and some long sleeve options. Remember socks and bike shoes. Consider bringing your own helmet; although we provide them. You may want a bandana or visor to put under your helmet for warmth or sun protection. Don't forget sunglasses. Bike gloves are also important, if you wear them.
Comfortable walking shoes for guided site/city tours or for hikes are important. Plus, shoes for dinners, if they are different from your walking shoes. Bring layers for varied weather: short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters/jackets. For bottoms bring a variety of shorts, pants, skirts/dresses. Dinners range from casual to Michelin-star, depending on your tour. Ties are never required.


All of our communication with you is in English. Once we get an email or phone inquiry, the response should be immediate. During the custom tour proposal process we will create a PDF document for you with your tour itinerary and details. When you are ready to reserve a tour, we will send you an electronic reservation form. You will also receive other documents to sign and a confirmation letter outlining your deposit and payment options. You will receive a letter and invoice for the balance of the costs 60 days before your tour. One week before your tour, we will send a PDF Tour Agenda with details about arrivals, daily expectations, and suggestions for your tour.

Currency and Payments

EUROs is the currency used by Italy and foreign currency is not accepted for payments. You may exchange dollars for EUROs at exchange offices at the airport, but they are typically not in other locations. You can also get EUROs through ATMS. Remember to alert your credit/debit card about your travels.
Most towns provide banks with ATM's. Talk to your guide and they will help you.
Depending on your tour, your pricing will be in EUROs or dollars. We will confirm the currency and the amount before making payment arrangements. We offer payment options through PayPal, credit card transaction, or wire.
We recommend you bring some money/EUROs. You should be able to draw more at an ATM. Sometimes small establishments (coffee shops etc.) do not accept credit cards.
This will be clearly outlined in your proposal. Tour prices do not include airfare or transportation/transfers to and from the tour. Pricing includes bike routes/loaded GPS, hotels, breakfasts and some other meals, and specific experiences outlined in your itinerary.

Health and Medical

Let us know about your condition on your reservation form and again when you meet your guide. We will make sure we are prepared.
It is important you inform Siciclando about your pre-existing conditions on your reservation form before embarking on the tour. We will make sure we understand your needs and are prepared.
We suggest you look into getting travel insurance in case of illness or injury. Your insurance representative should be able to outline options. The Italian healthcare system is easy to access for acute illness or injuries. Your guide can support you. If you are on a self-guided tour, hotel staff can support you and a Siciclando representative is always just a phone call away.
The first thing you will do is contact one of our guides or tour leaders. The guides are experienced and will be able to assist you.
Simply let us know, both on your reservation form and when you meet your guide. We have years of experience (and actually guides) who are gluten-intolerant, vegetarian or vegan, lactose-intolerant, etc. These are easy for us to address on tour.

Language and Culture

All our guides speak English. The hotels have front desk staff that speak English. In restaurants, most waiters speak some level of English and menus often are written in Italian and English

Phone/Internet Services

There are so many options today, this becomes a matter of individual plans and personal preferences. Most well-known phone service providers extend service to foreign countries. It is worth a call to your provider to see what options they offer and to alert them of your travel plans. Some people like to purchase SIM cards in Italy; again something we suggest you research before coming.
In general, it is very good. Most places we go there is phone and internet access. Hotels usually provide free internet service. However, in smaller villages or between locations the service is not always as strong or reliable. This cannot always be predicted or solvable.


Get in touch with us or use the 'Getting Started' section. A tour designer will work with you to create your tour.
You tell us your ideas and expectations and our tour designers work with you to bring it to life. We can customize routes, select hotels, and other services.
  • Custom
  • Packaged
  • Self-guided
  • Guided
  • Family
  • Couples
  • 4-day minimum
  • Biking or hiking, even driving tours