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It's your adventure

Self-guided Bike Tour

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Wake up in the morning on your schedule

Choose your rhythm knowing all of the details are in place. Your bike is ready. The route has been created, tested, and is loaded on your GPS. Suggested stops have been highlighted. Your luggage is being transferred to your next hotel. Interesting activities have been reserved to enhance your experience. Plus, you get to explore on your own.

Tested & Trusted

We might not be with you all day long, but know we scouted your course and prepared everything for your comfort and success.

Just Enough Support

Bags transferred between hotels, reservations checked, always there to jump in and help. Perfect. Plus, we're just a phone call away.

Classic photos from Italy

Private & Unique

It's you and maybe partners. It's your day, your week, your adventure. Follow our route on your bike computer and just enjoy Italy at your own pace.

Our Experience

We give you the perfect hotels, routes, restaurants, and activities. You might feel the adventure of being on your own, but we are 100% behind you. We provide our 20 years of expertise to ensure a good tour.

Feedback From Customers

Read what self-guided bike tour customers have to say about this experience...
Biking in different types of areas (cities and country roads) gave us a view of all different parts of Sicily.
by ConnieSicily
Loved the towns, scenery, variety of destinations.
by SandySicily
Biking was great but seeing the landscapes first hand was amazing. The vineyards, olive trees, goats, cows and sheep were fantastic. Perhaps you should warn riders about aggressive herding dogs to be aware and what to do. We were chased a few times. The food, wine and people were great. Antonio welcomed us on the first day and was fantastic . Very enjoyable and hospitable. It was like we had been friends for years.
by LarrySicily

A Recent Birthday Trip in the Dolomites. 100% Custom Self-Guided.

Jean left from Bozeman Montana and headed to Milan. We had in mind a birthday week in the Dolomites. The players on this trip would be the birthday boy and Dario. Our objective? Spend a week riding in the Dolomites, eating great food and executing our own adventure.

Ilaria was our tour designer. She established a set of routes, defined the hotels and left the food to us. We had no clue what we would feel like both physically and emotionally. We downloaded the routes and discussed them over espresso each morning.

Our trip was 7 days long. Some days we rode hard and other days we took it easy. Nobody told us what to do. The day was punctuated with doses of Coca Cola, the odd pizza slice and above all a hell of a lot of laughs. It was amazing not having to think about researching the rides — everything was setup for us. Amazing.