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Purely Piedmont

Purely Piedmont

The land of kings. The kingdom of wines.

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Piedmont is majestic and mindful.

It is the kingdom of Italy, home to the noble Savoy family, who filled the region with palaces, castles, and luxurious hunting lodges. It is the cradle of Italy's unification, sparked by conversations in Turin's grand bars in the 1860's. The people of Piedmont live a deeply conscious lifestyle in harmony with good living and wholesome food....and noble wines. Cycle the orchards, vineyards, and hazelnut forests.
Bike Piedmont and see each day unfold with bliss and triumph.

Pleasures of Piedmont


Bike Lakes District

Explore our favorite
northern lakes in this
region: Lago d'Orta and

Unique wines

Compare the different varietals at a unique tasting in Barolo

Savor Slow Food

It is not just food, it is a lifestyle. Each day you will experience this on tour.

Experience Truffles

This is the land of prized truffles enjoy them shaved on fresh pasta or on a private truffle hunt in a chestnut forest with wonder dog, Maya.

Ride the green waves

Bike the rolling hills of the Langhe and Roero vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage site since June 2014.

Savoy splendor

Explore several of the Savoy's
palaces and hunting lodges

Gianduiotti chocolate

Enjoy the favored flavor
of Piedmont: chocolate
and hazelnut — supreme Nutella

Let's Get Started

Feedback From Piedmont

Amazing food, tour company and tour leader! Daniele's stories about himself and his family really helped integrate the experience of being in a different country with a different language. I was very happy, felt safe and relaxed and overall had a wonderful time!
Marianne, Royal Piedmont Bike Tour
Our Piedmont bike tour was a great follow up to our Sicily tour with Siciclando! The whole team provides the "personal touch" that made the trip truly special. We felt safe, we'll prepared, and expertly supported. When you mix equal parts friendship, cycling, beautiful scenes, history, fantastic accommodations, great meals and simply outstanding service from Siciclando's expert guides, you have the vacation of a lifetime. Their high level of engagement, service and entertainment will be fondly remembered.
Richard, Custom Bike Tour
Another authentic Italian experience masterfully unfolds by the Siciclando team. Thank you for our Piedmont experience!
Susan, Custom Bike Tour