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Dramatically Dolomites


Spectacular mountain ranges.
Pristine views.

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Unforgettable biking in the Dolomites

Bike deep winding river valleys framed with 3,000 meter (9,842 feet) peaks — eighteen to be exact. Carve your route past splashes of bright green fields inhabited with dairy cows wearing bells among the chalets. Pedal past apple orchards, vineyards, and hayfields — a respite from the grey, jagged slabs above. This land is blended with Italian and German traditions, evident in the architecture, food, and language. In fact, there are three languages spoken by residents: Italian, German, and Ladin (an Italian dialect). It's complex history was shaped by the Austrian Empire, Napolean’s defeat, and the battles of World War I and II. It is now tranquil, awaiting you to bike the passes and paths that switchback like the river below.

Dolomite discoveries



This is the place to prove
that you can defy another year.
And, celebrate spectacularly!

Pedal the Passes

There are 10 passes to choose from,
spectacular climbs (and descents).
Plus, there are enjoyable bike
paths to balance the elevations.

Quaint hotels

From chalets to alpine inns and
cozy hotels. Comfortable landings
after the ride.


Any route is possible with
an E-Hybrid or E-Road Bike

Hearty Food!

This is stick-to-your-ribs food!
Appropriate after your ride.
Roasted meat and game.
Polenta and Spaetzle.
Strudel and Torts.
Regional Wine and Beer.

Let's Get Started

Feedback from the Dolomites

Wow! I did it! Biking the Dolomites was a dream; the challenge of the high elevations and the commitment to the ride! Thank you for making it possible...and fun! I really feel like I accomplished something.
Larry, Custom Dolomites
We had a lot to celebrate in the Dolomites including years of biking together, some birthdays, some anniversaries, and our friendship. Siciclando created a great itinerary and the support along the route.
Steve & Linda, Custom Dolomites
Dolomites is doable with an E-bike! Thanks for encouraging me to do this tour and for providing the option of the E-bike. It allowed me to stay with my group and enjoy each kilometer, each meter! And, I got to enjoy the views!
Susan, Custom Dolomites