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Exceptional Emilia Romagna

Exceptional Emilia Romagna

Fine food and fast cars

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Emilia Romagna - excellency at every turn.

Explore Italy's bread basket filled with the essential ingredients of balsamic vinegar, prosciutto ham, and aged parmesan cheese. Set in the largest fertile plain of Italy in the Po River Valley, this region offers Italy's favorite foods and flavors. Plus, the biking is amazing winding through dramatic landscapes and quiet pockets with quaint villages. Excellence is also molded into the region's top sports cars and motorcycles known throughout the world: Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati, and Morini.

Enticements of Emilia Romagna


Maserati connection

Enjoy a visit to a private Maserati
collection, the only one in the world.

Balsamic bliss

Senora Giovanna shares their
families balsamic heritage
and production, along with a tasting.

Organic parmesan

Meet the cows that produce
the parmesan that is aged for 12, 24,
and over 30 months.
Taste the difference.

Cities of culture

Explore the charming cities
of Mantua, Modena,
and Parma — the Italian capital
city of culture for 2020

Explore Bologna

UNESCO named this the
Capital of Music and
home to the world's oldest
university founded in 1088.

Lambrusco Oasis

Relax at one of our favorite country
retreats, an elegant stay in the
middle of fields and Lambrusco
vineyards. This rich red bubbly wine
pares well with roasted meats
and salty cheese.

Lake Garda

Add a few days biking the
perimeter of Lake Garda,
the largest fresh water lake of Italy,
eclipsed by tall and narrow
mountain ranges. A lovely location.

Visit Venice

Explore this pedestrian-only city,
unless of course, you choose to
transfer on a gondola through the
canals. This unique city is lovely
and romantic. Winding alleys
and hundreds of bridges over the
narrow canals make this a fun
city to explore.

I bike. You bike. E-bike.

Choose your ride E-Road Bike
or E-Hybrid Bike

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Feedback From Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna was a great bike tour.....we keep asking for more! My buddies and I have been biking together each year for over 20 years. We have NEVER used a bike company twice EVER...until we met Siciclando. We are now planning our third bike tour with them. They are accommodating, efficient, on-target and they are simply fun to bike with and spend time with.
Adam, Custom Tour
This is an amazing tour full of good biking and Italian flavors. How fun to bike in the birthplace of balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, and prosciutto ham. I could definitely taste the difference. We enjoyed it all!
Lori, Custom Tour
Emilia Romagna is our third bike tour with Siciclando. Every year I think, now this is the best! The bike routes were fantastic, some of my favorites. We were treated like royalty and by the end of the tour our guides were our best friends. Can't beat that.
Mike R, Custom Tour
Biking here brought so many things to life: real balsamic and prosciutto, the setting for Shakespeare's plays, a private tour of a Maserati collection. So many great surprises!
Barb S, Custom Tour