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Charming villages. Gentler landscapes.

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Apulia/Puglia a storybook journey.

Enter enchanting Apulia a region defined by its unique villages and architecture. A land with captivating stories, comparable to fairy tales, that unfold slowly before your eyes. Cycle Apulia's ancient olive groves and gently rolling fields, as you move from countryside to the sea. North Americans refer to it as Apulia, while Italians call it Puglia. Either way, it's a delightful discovery of Italy's "heel".

Apulia's Attractions


Local wines

Taste the robust wines made from
Primitivo grapes, similar to Zinfandel.

Truly Trulli

Experience the magic of Apulia's
round stone homes, fairy-like
buildings found only here.

Popular beaches

Apulia is known for its beaches.
This is where Italians vacation
in the summer.

Eat well

Apulia is known for its traditional breads,
buttery local cheese, olive oil,
and fresh seafood.

Local character

We know where to find it.
And, often it finds us.

Flavorful focaccia

Apulia is known for its homemade
focaccia breads. Try a new
flavor each day!

Apulia's Baroque

Enjoy the ornate buildings of
Lecce, known as the Florence
of the South.

Open markets

Fresh vegetable stands.
Fish markets.
Italian housewares.

Ancient cave homes

Discover the Sassi of Matera,
a UNESCO World Heritage Site with
centuries-old dwellings carved
out of the steep rock cliffs.

Apulian artisans

Hand loomed silk in Ostuni.
Prints of Matera.
Stonework in Alberobello.

The White Cities

Visit Ostuni and Otranto,
two neighboring white cities
that overlook the turquoise sea.

Cooking with Gianna

Go from market to kitchen with
Gianna as you make your traditional
Apulian dinner. A tour highlight.

Let's Get Started
A wonderful tour! I feel that our lodging was very carefully selected to put us in the most interesting places and at great locations within the towns. The routes were terrific, lots of great roads and good variety of sights. We had so much fun at the cooking class!
Betty, Custom Tour
We thoroughly enjoyed our biking in Puglia! The Siciclando experience was magnificent! We loved everything about it - the places we visited, the accommodations, the food, the biking and most of all the great support we received from Roberta. Grazie -Thank you so much.
Zena, Custom Tour
We loved this tour! It exceeded all expectations. Two highlights were the walking tour of Matera and the wonderful cooking class/evening with Gianna and Giorgio in Lecce. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Margo & Glenn, Self-Guided Family Tour