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Daniele Tarozzi

Tour Leader
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Most guests ask me if I miss Italy, since I now live in Berlin most of the year. I often answer that there is no way to enjoy Italy more than missing it for months and then coming back to the landscapes, the mountains, the food, the sun, every single detail of this astonishing territory.

And, of course, that's why I am so sincerely happy to lead our guests through the lovely streets of Italy again!

I am the youngest of the group, and my colleagues are jealous of my physique and energy, which is a benefit to the guests who go on tour with me.

Honestly, it is my hope to share with you all that Siciclando and Italy have to offer. I am really proud of being a part of the favorite photos and fond memories framed and pinned on the walls of so many different homes in the world.

I look forward to meeting you soon... in Italy!

Quick Facts
  • Birthday:
    Nov 17th
  • Favorite Gelato:
Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

We are a smaller company that takes care of the quality of the experience more than a bigger company. We are a big group of friends, which makes a difference!

What bike do you ride when not on tour?

In the city: GB Baronchelli steel frame singlespeed. On the road: Cube titanium