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Valentin Musteata

Tour Leader
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Ciao everyone! My name is Valentin and I am a Tour Leader. I love cycling, hiking, climbing, playing football (known as soccer in the US) and discovering new places. All of these experiences make me happy especially when I share it with someone. And what's better then sharing in this world?!

People I've met would describe me as an adventurous, genuine and responsible person. I am looking forward to meeting you!!!

Quick Facts
  • Birthday:
    December 29 (unlucky! Only one present for Christmas, birthday and New year's eve)
  • Favorite Gelato:
    Mmmh. Even thinking about it and I am melting! Pistacchio! Pistacchio!! Pistacchio!!!
Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

If I think "What is the best way to discover a place?"
I would contact a bunch of local people that really know the place and that I could have fun with during the journey. Also, people that could transform my vacation from a trip to a positive and unique experience. Well, that's what the Siciclando Family does, offers you a unique and authentic experience through the eyes of the natives, to the point that you will become a family member!

What bike do you ride when not on tour?

I am riding a 1979 Le Jeune. A beautiful vintage road bike.