Our Bike Tours of Italy

See Italy through the eyes of the natives! No matter what tour you choose, your itinerary is carefully planned by native Italians who know the country better than anyone else. Our Italian bike tours are truly an authentic experience!

Taste of Sicily Bike Tour
This is our oldest tour and it continues to be our most popular. It is a favorite of ours as well as we introduce you to our home, our friends and family that have been a key part of this Sicilian experience. Read More
Sicily Baroque Bike Tour
Experience the natural beauty of river valleys and mountains that outline our bike routes. A lovely experience from many perspectives. Read More
Sicily by the Sea bike tour
Explore the seaside villages and small islands just off the coast which offer enchanting glimpses into the past; a string of pearls along your bike route. Read More
Tuscany Maremma Bike Tour
We introduce you to all of it in lesser known places of Tuscany and introduce you to our friends that enhance the experience. Undiscovered Tuscany. Our favorite places. Read More
Tuscany & Umbria Spirit Bike Tour
The best of two sides of Italy! Read More
Royal Piedmont Bike Tour
Piedmont’s majestic character comes from its roots as the kingdom of Italy and from the presence of the Alps that frame the region. Piedmont is the birthplace of Italy. What was the kingdom of Italy, based in Turin, lead the charge to bring the north and south together as a unified country in the 1860s. There is a pride in this region for their beautiful life and landscapes, for their conscious lifestyle. Experience the richness of this kingdom each day. Read More
Amazing Apulia Bike Tour
Take advantage of the slower pace along golden fields, olive groves, and coastal towns. A beautiful pace. A beautiful place. Read More
Amalfi Backroads Bike Tour
Enjoy the back roads of the Amalfi Coast through the Cilento National Park with ocean views, lovely villages, and exciting side tracks. Discover the many layers of life in this region – historic, dramatic, beautiful, and delicious. Read More
Basilicata Grandeur Bike Tour
Bike beautiful rolling ridges and valleys in Italy’s most natural form. Make your way to quiet villages forgotten and most enjoyable. Read More