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Lezlie Burkley

Communications Specialist
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In 2008, I joined a Siciclando bike tour of the Basilicata region. I thoroughly enjoyed it — the biking, the landscapes, the food, the undiscovered villages that seemed frozen in a simpler, more beautiful time...

Each day was an adventure.

Little did I know that the adventure would continue as Siciclando's Marketing Director. As a guest I was impressed with the attention given to each detail: the picnics, the tastings and the routes. As a member of the team, I now know that every decision is carefully considered and deliberated. Each tour and every experience is unique and authentic. It is as if each tour is the first, and the most important.

I am very fortunate to be a part of this family and work with such a great group of Italians who love their country and enjoy sharing it. Their passion and commitment are real. Join the family and see for yourself.

Quick Facts
  • Birthday:
    March 29
  • Favorite Gelato:
    One small scoop of dark chocolate and one small scoop of orange. Or... the marron glaces (roasted chestnut) from GROM gelateria.
Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

When touring by bike you use all of your senses. The smell of wild Oregano under your bike tires or the scent of freshly picked grapes as you pass a vineyard on the road, the sound of cow bells in the forest, the colors and landscapes all around you. When you go to Italy with Siciclando you are with Italians who share their experience, their country, their lifestyle. The combination creates a deeper connection: enchanting and enjoyable!

What bike do you ride when not on tour?

Trek Madone... it makes me feel like I am flying and pulls me up the hills.