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Giuseppe Crinò

Product Manager & Founder
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The bike has been a very good friend of mine ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, I still have a clear memory of my long rides alone; the excitement when I discovered new routes and touched new places.

As an adult, biking takes the largest part of my leisure time in addition to cooking, photography, and gardening. For me it's about feeling alive and pushing my limits. How wonderful that biking is a part of my everyday life and work!

Being the Product Manager for Siciclando is a natural evolution. It's not easy for me to define the boundaries between what I have to do and what I like to do, each part of my job is a pleasure and overlaps with passion. Details are important to me, as much as the entire picture.

Designing a new tour with beautiful rides and experiences is always exciting. When my team and I design a bike trip we put ourselves into the shoes of our guest, keeping in mind that we are arranging a memorable experience in Italy! Putting all of the services together with the routes is like creating a piece of art.

Thanks to my job, I value the life of people who travel with us and realize that sometimes we even change it...
Often our guests start to look at the bike as part of a healthy and enjoyable daily routine. They may start to bike to work or just start to be more active thanks to the bike tour. This is exciting and pushes me in doing my part with a high sense of responsibility. When I stop to think about this I realize I am a lucky man.

Quick Facts
  • Birthday:
    June 25
  • Favorite Gelato:
    Chocolate, coffee, almond and pistachio. Every time I go into a gelateria I am drawn to the bright colors of the fruity flavors and the idea that they are lighter... 90% of the time I choose the same two simple flavors: coffee and nut (nocciola). When I'm in Ibla at our special gelateria I turn to nut or Carob!
Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

The best way to discover a place is with the local people who know it. We are connected to our guests from the reservation until the end of the tour…and beyond. As the owners and guides we are making the decisions versus carrying out the plans of an external office. We know what our guests like and want, and we are able to develop tours that create authentic Italian experiences. We are a small company, flexible and strong. Our customers arrive as clients and leave as members of the Siciclando family.

What bike do you ride when not on tour?

Officine Mattio — custom Italian-made carbon frame road bike. Italian artistry!