The Siciclando Recipe

What makes a Siciclando bike tour memorable?

It’s more than the ingredients. More than the assembly of the pieces.  It’s the feeling behind it all.  It is a deep understanding of how to pull it all together into something unforgettable.

Like an Italian grandma’s favorite recipe. We carefully select each ingredient and thoughtfully prepare each step to ensure a memorable experience with Italian soul…for you and for us.  This is what we share with you.

We are Italian!
We live in Italy and we're connected to it every day. It is our culture, our lifestyle. We are passionate about sharing it with you and bringing you into it. There is no better way to experience Italy than with us. Be Italian with Siciclando!
Enchanting landscapes and back roads
We take you to our favorite places -- quiet bike routes, picturesque settings, places we know you will say "Ahhh, this is Italy!" Experience sleepy villages waking to church bells. Immerse in waves of vineyards. Escape into an ancient olive grove. These are the places that mean something to us and we share it with you, every day and every tour.
We don't mean rabbit stew. For us, the rabbits are the moments you didn't expect. Like a magician who pulls the rabbit from the hat. A surprise stop at a favorite pastry shop. A truffle hunt in a chestnut forest. A picnic under an old Oak. It is the Siciclando magic, unique and spontaneous moments that allow you to connect with us and with Italy.
The Siciclando family reaches across Italy. They are the people we look forward to seeing and introducing to you. They take you deeper into our lifestyle. Hotel managers we know by name, winery owners who welcome us with several bottles of wine, chefs who teach us their secrets, grandmas who that make us the most memorable lunches. When you join us, the family extends around the world. It is the connections with people that make all the difference.
Food and Wine
It's all about the food and wine. A great cappuccino. A garnet red Brunello. Learning how to select an excellent olive oil. A meal like no other that awakens your taste buds. For us, it is about experiencing the unique flavors of each region in a deeper way. It's about bringing our stories to life through food. Plus, we make it fun!
For us, hotels are more than a place to rest your head. Of course, we select comfortable locations, but we take it a step further to choose places along our route that are charming and bring you the essence of the region. These are places we trust and we know will care for you as we do.