Custom Italian Bike Tours

Build your unique Italian experience…

Over 50% of our business is custom bike tours. It is our specialty because, as Italians, we know the possibilities and can easily shape a tour with charming back roads for biking, accommodations we trust, quality elements which fit into your schedule and expectations. With nearly 20 years of experience developing bike tours, we know what makes an enjoyable and memorable tour. Plus, we enjoy creating custom tours and are one of the few bike tour companies who customize bike tours in Italy. We would love to do a custom proposal for you.

What would your ideal Italian bike tour itinerary look like?

  • Do you prefer guided or self-guided?
  • Are you interested in a private group tour or would you like to join others on a mixed tour? We provide private guided tours from two to twenty.
  • How many days? We provide tours with a minimum of four days and up to three or four weeks upon request.
  • What is your ideal Italy about: food and wine experiences, culture and history, art?
  • What kind of biking do you prefer? – daily mileage – terrain?

We provide custom tours in

Sicily | Tuscany | Umbria | Piedmont | Apulia | Emilia Romagna | Dolomites

See what these regions are about to get an idea of the options and what appeals to you. Then, let’s talk.

Call us at 1-800-881-0484 (US or Canada), 44.203.355.4186 (UK) or contact us by email to share your ideas and begin shaping your Italian bike itinerary.

Andiamo (let’s go)!

Your Dates And Schedule
Five days? Two weeks? With a custom guided or self-guided bicycle tour, we create an itinerary that fits your schedule. Let us know your dates and your ideas for an itinerary.
Your Cycling Ability
We understand friends and couples do not always bike the same. Our tours support multiple levels of cyclists - from leisure cyclists who take their time and may prefer some van support to avid cyclists who like more miles before heading back to the hotel. We keep your pace in mind – whatever it may be.
Click here to understand Cycling Abilities
Your Decision - Guided Or Self-Guided
We are Italian! No one knows our country like we do. We can easily create a proposal with your expectations in mind. We align your interests with the high quality services and understanding we provide. To begin speaking about your custom bike tour of Italy, please call us at 1-800-881-0484 (US and Canada only) or request a proposal.
Your Interests
Let us know your preferred locations including regions or specific towns. We’d also like to know what experiences interest you – food & wine, history & archeological sites, villages or farm stays. All of these details help us create a custom bike tour of Italy made for you.
Your Favorite Hotels
Our accommodations meet important standards to be considered: quality facilities that are comfortable, clean, and provide great service to our guests. We look for locations that enhance your experience. Each tour offers a different selection of accommodations including 4 and 5-star hotels, inns at award-winning wineries, and agriturismos – farms with inns on the property.
Your Celebration
We love to celebrate with you! Birthdays. Honeymoons. Anniversaries. Graduations. Retirements. Girls & Guys Getaways. Even…."I simply get to bike in Italy" celebrations!
Let us know what you are celebrating and how we can create an itinerary that helps you best enjoy your time in Italy.
Your Private Tour of Italy
We provide custom tours for groups of two to twenty. It is common for us to lead a custom bike tour of any size including large groups (15 – 30 that travel annually). It is up to you if you want to make it a private tour or open to other reservations. Let us know how we can accommodate you and your group. We look forward to be a part of it and create a memorable Italian bike tour.

We are an Italian company! No one knows our country like we do. We can easily create a proposal with your expectations in mind aligned with the high quality services we provide. Let us create a truly authentic bicycle tour of Italy like no one else can.

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