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Who?: Carmel
Where?: Custom Bike Tour, Sicily

This was my first bike tour and our first family bike tour. We knew what we wanted — a fun, family bike tour of Sicily. We had some unique needs and wanted to tailor the itinerary. I contacted four different bike tour companies, all of which promoted custom tours.

After speaking with each company and outlining my needs, only one of the four actually offered a custom tour — Siciclando.

The other three companies kept pushing their set itinerary tours. When I mentioned custom, their response: "It's going to be really expensive!" or said "We can customize, but we're not really excited about it." My call with Siciclando was different. First, they listened. They heard what I wanted. They got excited to share the possibilities and create a tour with me. During the proposal process was smooth. They were flexible and honest, providing expert guidance when they knew what pieces didn't fit. Together we established an itinerary that fit our expectations and the varied biking abilities within our family. The tour itself was awesome!

Every day was interesting and unique. It was exactly what we hoped it would be. What did I learn? Most companies that promote custom tours do not really customize. Siciclando does! They built a tour for our family and made adjustments during our conversations. And the big surprise? They don't charge a premium for customizing. The cost of our tour was comparable to other tour companies packaged tours — and we got everything we wanted.


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