Try Truffles in Italy

If we can make one promise about any of our cycling tours of Italy, aside from the fact you’ll have a wonderful time, it’s that you won’t go hungry! Every Siciclando bike tour features delicious Italian cuisine, from robust wines and savory cheeses to fresh fruits and decadent dolci. Exploring the Piedmont, Umbria, and Tuscan regions on a guided or custom tour also gives you the opportunity to add a unique flavor to your palate: truffles.

When we speak of truffles here, we don’t mean chocolate (although, you’ll find such candies here, too). Truffles are edible fungi, known for their aromatic tang and versatility in cooking. They are related to the mushroom and grow underground in specific soil conditions. Like mushrooms, truffles can grow to different sizes, sometimes as large as an apple or orange.

Black Pasta

There are several edible varieties of Italian truffles, each with a distinctive taste. Many found in gourmet shops and restaurants are black, but white ones exist, though they are rarer. Truffles are used to flavor pastas and risottos, soups and sauces. You can shave thin slices onto a pizza or salad, or infuse a truffle in olive oil or honey. Some people even cream truffles to spread on bruschetta or crostini.

If you’re interested in riding on our 2019 Royal Piedmont bike tour beginning October 1, you can add truffle hunting to the many Italian traditions you’ll enjoy. Cycle the backroads with Siciclando during this fall truffle season, and you’ll learn how to search groves of oaks, poplars and/or willows for these rare treats.

Unable to join us then? You can still enjoy truffles at mealtimes during our upcoming spring and summer tours. Dates for our other 2019 bike tours have spots open now – come experience new sights and flavors. Just a warning: once you’ve tried truffles in your favorite Italian dishes, you may want more.