Join us for a solo travelers’ tour in lovely Piedmont

Beginning on May 10, 2018.

Enjoy the energy and atmosphere of a well-planned itinerary and charming hotels amongst fellow cyclists of all abilities. Discover the beauties of this region including:

  • Charming Turin – Walk this charming city on your own and during our afternoon walking tour. Stroll the wide covered porticos with entrances to boutiques and pastry shops. Enjoy lunch or a cappuccino at an outdoor café overlooking an open plaza. Explore the newly renovated Egyptian Museum (the second largest in the world after Cairo).
  • Bike the flat roads between apple, pear, and kiwi orchards in the pastoral portion of our tour with a glimpse of the Alps overlooking our ride.
  • Enjoy the rolling landscapes (and rolling biking) of the Barolo wine region. Taste the different winery productions from the nebbiolo grape that carpets this region on waves of hills.
  • Watch wonder dog Maya as she sniffs out truffles at the base of chestnut trees during our walk through the forest.
  • Piedmont is the land of conscious living where food and lifestyle traditions blended into the Slow Food movement that has thoughtfully impacted the world.

Make memories with us. Join us for biking, food, and camaraderie in May 2018.


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