Sicily is Hot!

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a destination rich in historical interest, lush landscapes, and culinary excellence. For centuries, Sicily has served as a hub connecting Northern Africa, Greece, Spain, France, and Arabic nations. When you visit you’ll discover how the many influences of these countries shape the unique culture of this island. 

No doubt about it, Sicily is hot! We’re not just talking about the weather, either. Sicily offers spectacular views; beaches, countryside, and Mt. Etna. Plus, flavorful and award-winning Sicilian wines and succulent seafood. It’s no wonder our Taste of Sicily bike tour is our most popular guided tour. This nine-day adventure showcases the majesty of Sicily as you ride along fields of grapevines and gaze at architectural styles of bygone eras. Experience comfortable hotels and the hospitality of native Sicilians. Learn the secrets of Sicilian cuisine at a private cooking class. We also leave plenty of time throughout the tour to explore the quaint fishing villages and lively cities that mark various stops.

As an added bonus, this tour includes a trip by ferry to the neighboring Aeolian Islands, something not offered in our other Sicilian bike tours. Visiting the Aeolian Islands of Lipari and Salina represents a true step back in time, as village homes are constructed primarily of materials native to the islands, including volcanic stone, and there is very little contemporary development. You can truly get away from it all on this tour!

Because Taste of Sicily is popular, the tours fill up quickly. Our June and early October dates are booked, but there is still time to join us on our May 14 tour and the October 14 tour. Both months are ideal for a Sicilian vacation, as the weather is pleasant for cycling, and tourism isn’t as heavy as it is during the summer. Why just dream about a Sicilian adventure when you can join us on the ride of a lifetime?