The Siciclando Promise

Each Siciclando team member is committed to providing a memorable bike tour of Italy that exceeds guest expectations. Every guest. Every tour.

With over 14 years of experience in the Italian bicycle tour business, we understand the needs and expectations of our guests. We are proud of our 78% return guest rate, which tells us we have succeeded in developing great bike tours and great relationships. In addition to experience and efficiency, we bring our passion – as only native Italians can. We share our Italy with you and we make you a part of it. Join us for a bike tour of Italy.

Be a part of the Siciclando family!

What is important to you?

An Authentic Experience
What that means to Siciclando: Our advantage is that we are Italian - the owners and tour leaders! No one knows our home, our lifestyle like we do. We take you to places that are meaningful to us, on the routes we bike, and introduce you to our friends along the way - where we eat, explore and enjoy life.
Experience authentic Italy with the natives. Be Italian with Siciclando!
Guided tours, Custom tours, Private & Self-Guided
Our Guided Tours are prepared seven- and eight-day bicycle tours created from our expertise and aligned with guest expectations. These tours include an enjoyable Italian tour leader, van support, and itineraries full of adventure and memories. We keep these tours to a maximum of 12 people to ensure a good experience. View the 2017 Calendar to see options.

Custom Bike Tours have become 40% of our business. These tours are tailored to your dates, your group, your interests and desired experiences. Custom tours can be private for 2 to 20 or more people.

Self-Guided Tours are customized to your dates and interests, allowing you the independence to explore Italy on your own, while we take care of the logistics.
Thoughtful Itineraries
We begin with our favorite bike routes on the back roads of Italy. We consider the highlights of each region and build an itinerary on those unique features - regional wines, traditional foods and artisan-produced products. Accommodations must maintain a high level of service and quality to be part of our Italian tours.
Professional Leaders
Your experience is our priority. We know that the key factor in a great tour is the guide. Our native English-speaking guides connect you to Italy – their home and culture. We expect high professional standards of each company employee to ensure your confidence while on tour. Our annual 1-week guide training program brings a stronger level of service and efficiency. Plus, we make it fun!
We take care of you. Your needs. Your comfort. Your safety. Each bicycle tour is developed with this in mind and each guide is highly-trained to ensure these company priorities. Siciclando has over 14 years of experience in the bike tour business and a 78% return guest rate, so we know what works and we continually look at how we can improve.
Small Group Size
Making connections with our guests is an important part of a Siciclando bike tour. For this reason, we are focused on small group sizes with an average of 6 to 8 people. Custom tours are an exception and may be larger in size due to the group members already knowing each other. Smaller group sizes also help us maintain quality, efficiency, and camaraderie.
All Ages
So far, our guests range from 2 years old to 92. It is our pleasure to show Italy to all ages, all individuals. We are comfortable and experienced at guiding families, mixed ages, and mixed cycling abilities on all of our tours.
Beautiful Bike Routes
We know Italy’s backroads. They are our preferred routes, the places we bike – peaceful and beautiful – places that are the heart and soul of Italy. We choose areas that allow you to be a part of the landscape and lead you to charming villages, enchanting forests, and rolling fields.
Efficient Equipment
We offer quality bikes for every type of cyclist. Hybrids. Road Bikes. Italian bikes. And, electric bikes. Take a peek and see which bike is best for you.
Your Cycling Ability
Siciclando supports cyclists of all abilities (leisure, active, and avid cyclists) and we have years of experience guiding tours with mixed cycling abilities. Each day we provide you with highlights and options for your ride. Our objective is to ensure that each guest on tour has the support needed to make their experience exceptional. And, we do.
Great Accommodations
Your comfort is priority. Our accommodations are chosen based on quality, cleanliness, service, and charm. Plus, we choose a variety of locations that offer a unique and authentic Italian experience. Each tour offers something different with accommodations ranging from comfortable family-run hotels, to agri-turismos (farms turned into beautiful inns), to five-star hotel options.