Choosing a self-guided bike tour of Italy

Self-guided or guided small group tour with van support. Which is best for you?

Our Italy bike tours offer adventures. We know each guest has a different idea of what that means; a unique set of support needs. That’s why we provide options.

Self-guided bike tours allow more autonomy and flexibility. We provide bike routes (which you can modify) and we recommend, even reserve your hotel accommodations. The benefit of a self-guided tour is that we take the guess work out of bike routes and logistics. We know which hotels offer a charming stay at a reasonable price. Yet, this option also allows you to be on your own schedule. It is the perfect option for those who like to travel, but need a plan.

Is it right for you?

A self-guided bike tour is a good option for someone who:
  • prefers their own schedule and their own pace
  • likes more flexibility
  • wants more independence
  • has greater comfort traveling without support
  • still appreciates recommendations/confirmations of logistics
  • has specific dates in mind that do not match the pre-determined dates set for group tours

A self- guided bike tour includes:

  • detailed bike routes
  • hotel recommendations and/or reservations
  • luggage transfer from hotel to hotel or the option of renting a bike trailer to carry your luggage (and reduce use of fuel and emissions)
  • restaurant recommendations
  • our phone number, for emergencies or questions
Guided small group tours provide more support.

You still get the benefit of well-chosen itineraries, but with the extra benefit of English-speaking guides who are touring with you throughout the day by bike and van providing water refills and snacks. It may also mean a back up if you choose to end your ride early or if you need a bike adjustment or tire change so you can keep going.

A guided group bike tour is a good option for someone who:
  • prefers more support and security with a guide throughout the day
  • needs assistance with bike adjustments, flat tires, etc.
  • likes the idea of a back up when on the road
  • prefers traveling with others
A guided group bike tour includes:
  • detailed bike routes and itineraries
  • hotel reservations and luggage transfer
  • restaurant recommendations or reservations – depending on the tour itinerary
  • van support with fresh water, snacks, and shuttle service along the bike route
  • small groups of four to twelve for companionship on the tour

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about my luggage?

Siciclando will transfer your luggage between hotels.

Can I change my itinerary?

We have the flexibility to customize your tour. Please let us know in advance, so we can provide the necessary support with transfers or lodging reservations. Once lodging reservations have been made and you are on tour, we cannot guarantee a change in accommodations.

What services are included?

Services (such as transfers and meals) vary between tours. Please review the individual tour descriptions for the services included.

What about meals? Are they included? How do I know where to go?

The tour itinerary indicates what meals are included each day. If lunch or dinner are not included, our guides are happy to give suggestions.

How do I get my bike and materials?

A Siciclando staff member will meet you at the beginning of the tour and review itineraries and maps. We will also make sure you are comfortable on your bike and have what you need for your tour. We provide you with our phone numbers to assist you in case of emergency.

Where do I begin the tour?

Each tour description outlines where the tour begins. Once you have paid the balance of your tour, we send a confirmation letter including detailed information about when and where we will meet.

What if I get a flat tire or have other mechanical problems?

Siciclando is pleased to provide high-quality bikes for our guests. We use Schwalbe Marathon Plus gel-filled tires, which means fewer flats. In the rare instance you get a flat tire, we provide you with an extra tube and tools to make the repair yourself. If you experience more significant mechanical issues, you may contact us for assistance.

What if I get lost or have difficulties with the logistics?

We provide phone numbers for Siciclando staff and hotel to provide you assistance, should you need it.