Planning a Family Vacation Bike Tour in Italy

We understand how it is with some families. Parents work hard to pay the bills, while kids have school and activities, and want to socialize with friends. When everybody has a full schedule, it’s a challenge to find a common time to sit together for dinner, much less go on a family vacation. However, when a week or two comes free that allows for a summer or holiday trip, you want to go somewhere special and create lasting memories.

For almost two decades, Siciclando has provided the means for small and extended families to enjoy each other’s company and explore hidden gems along our Italian countryside. When you book a bike tour of Italy or Sicily with us, you’re giving your family the promise of an experience they’ll hold dear. We could give you a dozen reasons why you should consider us to host your next vacation, but these stand out most often as we think of past groups who’ve ridden with us.

It’s a great way to connect with each other. Parents, teens, grandparents, siblings and in-laws have comprised many of our bike tours. When families take to cycling the Apulia or the winding roads of Tuscany, they create special bonds with each other. Children become more engaged, while the adults come away feeling younger and high-spirited. Take a bike tour with family, and you will definitely see a new side to your loved ones. Plus, everyone’s tech time is decreased….it’s hard to hold a phone or tablet while biking.

Bike tours provide a unique way to see the sights. While bus and train tours allow you to cover many miles of landscape and attractions in a day, they lack the personal approach of a bicycle trip through Italy. Here, you get a full experience of the countryside, including experiencing the enticing aromas of fresh wildflowers and the sea. It is gives more opportunity to interact with the locals. Also, it’s easy to stop anywhere you please for pictures.

Bike tours are custom-fit to each group. With bus and train tours, you may be subject to the operator’s schedule. With a bike tour, however, you can accommodate everybody in the family, from the novice cyclist to the pro. You can set the pace and itinerary, and book a second honeymoon trip for two or a grand reunion ride for twenty.

It’s a fun way to travel and enjoy good health. As you ride, you’ll find you can settle into a comfortable pace while getting in shape. You may feel more energetic, too, which is great when you have free time to explore places like Turin, Matera, and Otranto on your own. Plus, the more you pedal, the less guilt you feel for a second gelato!

We are currently booking bike tours for 2018, so now is the perfect time to get the family together to decide on that amazing, once in a lifetime vacation. We invite you to explore our site for inspiration and contact us for more information on planning the perfect bike tour in Italy for your family