Try Truffles in Italy

If we can make one promise about any of our cycling tours of Italy, aside from the fact you’ll have a wonderful time, it’s that you won’t go hungry! Every Siciclando bike tour features delicious Italian cuisine, from robust wines and savory cheeses to fresh fruits and decadent dolci. Exploring the Piedmont, Umbria, and Tuscan […] READ MORE

Biking the Dolomites on a Custom Tour

Dreaming of traveling through Italy? We will definitely tell you the best way to see the countryside is on a bike tour. Why view the magnificence of our vineyards and pristine shores through a bus window when you can experience the fresh air and tempting aromas at your own pace? A customized bicycle tour gives […] READ MORE

Sicily is Hot!

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a destination rich in historical interest, lush landscapes, and culinary excellence. For centuries, Sicily has served as a hub connecting Northern Africa, Greece, Spain, France, and Arabic nations. When you visit you’ll discover how the many influences of these countries shape the unique culture of this island.  No […] READ MORE

Enjoy the Many Flavors of Italy

What comes to mind when you think of Italian food, besides pasta and pizza? If you don’t have an Italian grandmother who loves to cook (believe us, they all do), you’re probably not aware that our country possesses an expansive palate. Have you ever tried cacciucco, a delicious Tuscan seafood stew, or braciole, a savory […] READ MORE

Take 5 minutes.Tell us what you think.

What does Siciclando have planned for future bike tours of Italy and Sicily? The answer depends on you! As we look to the future, we want to create itineraries inspired by your biking and travel choices. What do you look for in an Italian bicycle tour? We invite you to tell us what you think […] READ MORE

Bike Solo with Us in Italy

Do you love traveling on your own, but are interested in meeting new people for a group adventure? You should join us on our solo travelers’ bike tour of Piedmont, starting May 10. Solo riders trust Siciclando to provide a secure touring atmosphere and a personal connection with our tour guides. When you book your […] READ MORE

Self-Guided Bike Tours in Italy on the Rise!

Have you always wanted to take a bike tour of Sicily or Italy, but aren’t interested in following somebody else’s pace or itinerary? At Siciclando, we understand the desire to take control and explore the Italian countryside at your own speed. You want to stop where you please and take pictures, try a sidewalk cafe, […] READ MORE

Think Siciclando for Spring Break

We know 2018 has just begun, but Spring Break will be here before we realize it. Have you made your plans yet? Why not book a wonderful bike tour of Italy or Sicily for yourself and your friends or family? March and April are perfect times to bike in Italy. The weather is typically sunny […] READ MORE

Planning a Family Vacation Bike Tour in Italy

We understand how it is with some families. Parents work hard to pay the bills, while kids have school and activities, and want to socialize with friends. When everybody has a full schedule, it’s a challenge to find a common time to sit together for dinner, much less go on a family vacation. However, when […] READ MORE

Sicily is Lovely in the Fall

Sicily is lovely in the fall. We are enjoying beautiful biking weather…as well as wonderful wines at the Regaleali Winery and Estate. Regaleali is a well known winery around the world and produces whites, reds, pinks, bubblies, and grappa. Staying at the winery is a lovely retreat. Plus, they feed us so well. No need […] READ MORE