UNESCO Heritage Sites in Sicily to Visit in 2019

There are many reasons to choose Sicily for your next vacation. Aside from the wonderful food and wine, and cooking classes taught by friendly locals, the landmarks of our rich history draw people here. A bike tour allows you to experience Sicily at your pace, so you can truly appreciate every stop on the journey, […] READ MORE

A Dolomites Biking Tour Offers the Best of Two Worlds

Once you’ve experienced the breathtaking Italian countryside by way of a cycling tour, we guarantee you’ll want to come back. At Siciclando Italian Bike Tours, we treat all of our guests like extended family, and we’re thrilled when people who have ridden with us in the past return to explore new routes. This is why […] READ MORE

Matera 2019 European City of Culture

We are thrilled that the city of Matera is designated as a European Capital of Culture for 2019. Residents and visitors will enjoy an entire year of concerts, art exhibitions, and events showcasing everything that makes Matera a city to place at the top of your travel bucket list. When you reserve a spot on […] READ MORE

Cycle Sicily this Spring!

Time to review, recharge, recommit, and resolve. Or maybe it's time to celebrate what you accomplished! READ MORE

How to Pack for a Biking Tour of Italy

One question we hear often from people considering a bicycle tour of Italy or Sicily involves luggage. Actually, we hear many questions about it. What should I pack? How much can I bring? What will happen to it while I’m riding? It’s normal to wonder about your belongings while you are on vacation, but when […] READ MORE

2019 Resolutions Italian style

Time to review, recharge, recommit, and resolve. Or maybe it's time to celebrate what you accomplished! READ MORE

Seafood in Sicily

Guests who join us on the Taste of Sicily, our oldest and most requested bike tour, come away with vivid memories of the breathtaking views and the amazing food. Some are also surprised to learn how Sicilian cuisine is very different from what they experience in their home countries.  While pasta is a main ingredient […] READ MORE

Try Truffles in Italy

If we can make one promise about any of our cycling tours of Italy, aside from the fact you’ll have a wonderful time, it’s that you won’t go hungry! Every Siciclando bike tour features delicious Italian cuisine, from robust wines and savory cheeses to fresh fruits and decadent dolci. Exploring the Piedmont, Umbria, and Tuscan […] READ MORE

Biking the Dolomites on a Custom Tour

Dreaming of traveling through Italy? We will definitely tell you the best way to see the countryside is on a bike tour. Why view the magnificence of our vineyards and pristine shores through a bus window when you can experience the fresh air and tempting aromas at your own pace? A customized bicycle tour gives […] READ MORE

Sicily is Hot!

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a destination rich in historical interest, lush landscapes, and culinary excellence. For centuries, Sicily has served as a hub connecting Northern Africa, Greece, Spain, France, and Arabic nations. When you visit you’ll discover how the many influences of these countries shape the unique culture of this island.  No […] READ MORE