Soulful and Artistic

Home to saints and peaceful living

Umbria is peaceful; the home of Saint Francis, Saint Clare, and Saint Benedict who all made their mark on Umbria for a life of moderation in balance with nature. It is the quieter Tuscany with a humbleness that adds to its beauty. Here you will experience the traditions of food, wine, and life in a deeper way. Reserve a biking tour of Umbria!

Explore artisanal cheese paired with Umbrian wines Enjoy locally produced cheeses – wonderful plain, but taken to a new level when laced with truffles or chilies. Try cheeses aged in chestnuts leaves, ash, or straw along with wines from the area. Speak Italian Delicious!

Discover wonderful wines along our routes This region is rich in the Sangiovese and Sagrantino grape. Bike along vineyards by day and taste the wines by night. Speak Italian This is fantastic!

È fantastico!
Enjoy a home-cooked meal with our friend Christina Christina, along with her sister and niece, welcomes us into her home and together we make a traditional Umbrian meal. It is one of our favorite evenings. We cook. We laugh. We eat! Speak Italian Can I help?

Posso aiutarti?
A soulful journey For the reflective traveler.
Tuscany & Umbria Spirit
Experience the simple ingredients of the life here and see how they become part of a deeper rhythm and an elevated lifestyle. Read More