Kingdom of Italy. Wonderful Wines.

Where the majestic and mindful are triumphant

Piedmont is magnificent with the richness of the French Savoys and the conscious living of the residents. The people of this region have long seen the harmonious connection of thoughtful design, quality production, and exceptional outcomes. It is an enhanced life, indeed. Cycling Piedmont along the foot of the Alps raises the spirits, making each day a blissful triumph.

The Tuscany of the North This is a wonderful mix of cultures (French and Swiss), but unmistakably Italy. The food is prepared more with butter than olive oil. Incredibly delicious! The language is Italian with a German staccato. Speak Italian "Beautiful mountains!"
Montagne bellissime!
Home of conscious eating and food production The Slow Food Movement, Eataly, GROM gelato, and Nutella are all based in this region. Their contribution to high quality foods and thoughtful production have made a difference beyond Italy. Speak Italian "How is this made?"
Come è fatto?
Wonderful wines including: Barolo and Barbera Immerse yourself in the Nebbiolo grape which produces all of these wines. Sun exposure and soil determine which wine is produced. Explore vineyards as far as the eye can see by bike and then explore the flavors of the wines in the evening. Speak Italian "Cheers!"
Cin Cin!
(pronounced chin chin)
True magnificence! For the enchanted traveler
Royal Piedmont
There is a pride in this region for their beautiful life and landscapes, for their conscious lifestyle. Experience the richness of this kingdom each day on this Piedmont bicycle tour. Read More