​Italy’s Magnificent Mountains.

European charm: An elevated experience.

Enter a unique and spectacular region of Italy – dramatically balanced with 3,000 meter peaks and deep, winding river valleys. We’ll enjoy a mix of bike paths through the valleys and climbs of Italy’s famous passes, a favorite destination of the Giro d’Italia. In the shadows of these beautiful mountains you will find yourself welcomed by charming chalets and surrounded by apple orchards, vineyards, and hayfields. The complex history of this region was shaped by the impact of the Austrian Empire, Napoleon’s defeat, and the battles of World War I and II. Here you will see, hear, and taste the unique combination of German-Italian lifestyle. The unique traditions of each culture are expressed also in the food: strudel, braised venison, hard meats such as speck, and wonderful local cheeses. Experience Tyrolean Italy.

More beer than wine…although the wine is quite good
Alpine villages nestled in the slopes
A delicious blend of German and Italian cuisine
When you’re ready for a challenge.