Untouched Italy and Natural Settings.

A land where time and tradition stand still

Basilicata is a unique part of Italy with many locations forgotten by the world. Yet their traditions and untouched beauty still breathe and enchant. Glimpse into old Italy – quiet villages, forests, and countryside. Biking in Basilicata should be considered by those looking for more challenging bike routes. Reserve your Basilicata bike tour today!

Get in touch with nature The varied landscapes make each day a unique ride. Bike routes include the Little Dolomites (a jagged crest of mountains) and the lush Pollino Forest. Speak Italian How many kilometers to______?
Quanti chilometri per _____?
Beautiful biking with more challenging terrain This tour is geared to the avid or energetic active biker who is looking to experience biking in Italy as well as cultural experiences. Speak Italian How do I say _______ in Italian?
Come si dice ______in Italiano?
Watch history come alive Experience the magic of Matera and Rabatana, an Arab borough established in the 9th century. Speak Italian Ready!
Explore past decades and those to come For the Time Traveler.
Basilicata Granduer
Bike beautiful rolling ridges and valleys in Italy’s most natural form. Make your way to quiet villages forgotten and most enjoyable. Read More