Apulia / Puglia

Magical villages. Gentler landscapes.

This is another world, exciting and vibrant

Apulia (Puglia) is the setting of several distinct architectural styles – each one unique and compelling with stories that are equally captivating. Marvel at the ingenuity and immerse yourself in the adventure and sweetness of each day. This is the place where Italians vacation…bike Apulia with us and you’ll understand why.

Explore unique villages The honeycomb-cave town of Matera. The charm of Alberbello trulli homes. The seaside splendor of the white town of Otranto. The baroque beauty of Lecce. Speak Italian Where am I?
Dove sono?

Gentler landscapes with a mix of pastoral and seaside back roads A wonderful tour for any biker, specifically for leisure cyclists, thanks to softer terrain and shorter routes. Everyone goes at their own pace, making it enjoyable for all. Speak Italian You are great!
Bravo (masculine)/Brava (feminine)
Outstanding bread and mozzarella Large loaves with thick golden crusts and soft insides. Small doughnut-shaped taralli biscuits. Savory focaccias topped with tomatoes, onions, and olives. Pair with the buttery mozzarella cheese of this region and you have a meal! Speak Italian Thank you!

You're welcome.
Uncover a side of Italy few have seen. A cycling vacation for the dreamer.
Amazing Apulia
Take advantage of the slower pace along golden fields, olive groves, and coastal towns. A beautiful pace. A beautiful place. Read More