Amalfi Coast

Bike the backroads of Amalfi.

Powerful landscapes and beauty at every turn

The Amalfi Coast is spectacular with cliffs that tower out of the brilliant blue ocean and cradle beautiful villages at each curve. Tempting beaches create pockets for relaxation and rest. We take you on the backroads of Amalfi through the Cilento National Park where the ocean views still prevail, but the traffic does not. Cycling Amalfi and Cilento National Park are grand experiences for bikers.

Visit Ancient Pompeii Pompeii is spectacular; a city of 2000 years ago still intact. Walk along cobblestone streets through villas, bakeries, temples, bath houses, and fast-food vendors. Speak Italian What time is it?

Che ora è?
Lemons and home of the Limoncello The lemons are larger here than anywhere and are used for so many wonderful treats. Refreshing granitas. Mouthwatering cakes. Pasta dishes and seafood. Speak Italian Where is the ______?
(Market? Toilet?)

Dove è ______?
(Il supermercato? Il bagno?)
Cilento National Park Bike this protected area while enjoying spectacular ocean views, forests and farms, and ancient sites. A UNESCO heritage site, the Cilento Park is safe from development and mass tourism. We like it for its pristine beauty and quiet routes. Speak Italian Peaceful.

Discover Amalfi For the Daring Traveler, who enjoys a bit of pampering.
Amalfi Backroads
Enjoy the backroads of the Amalfi Coast through the Cilento National Park with ocean views, lovely villages, and exciting side tracks. Discover the many layers of life in this region – historic, dramatic, beautiful, and delicious. Read More