Tino Giampetruzzi

Quality Manager

About Me

Ciao I am Tino – my full name is Costantino!  I live in beautiful Turin (Torino) with my wife, Arianna, and two daughters, Vera and Tea. We are an active family – biking, soccer, and for me running in the parks and neighborhoods.


Life is an evolution.  I have had a variety of jobs before coming to Siciclando…which has created a colorful life with rich experiences: from pizzas to making decorations at the bakery, security at stadiums to managing a disco, even coordinating the certification of Italian wines. Each experience offered a new perspective and new skills; all of which helped me understand the importance of quality and organization.

Now, with Siciclando, I am able to apply this knowledge to biking and sharing Italy.  The passion and commitment from everyone on the team to ensure a great experience for each guest, makes this job much easier.  As we continue to grow, we can ensure that what makes Siciclando beautiful remains with us.

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January 26

Favorite Gelato!

Nougat or pistachio...although I actually prefer savoury to the sweet and may choose a bowl of tortellini in broth

Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?
As the Quality Manager for Siciclando I of course focus on the aspect of quality and how it ensures a deep Italian experience on every tour. It is very satisfying to me to work with a team and to see improvement as it aligns to the vision. It is a philosophy of life that is always at the center for me professionally and personally. With Siciclando it is about sharing the Italian experience on tour. It means sharing a philosophy that allows you to create a reality. At home it is about the ragu...a recipe I carefully follow and improve with my beloved wife and two daughters as the judges. For me, quality is part of life.

What bike do you ride when not on tour?

Currently, I have three mountain bikes: one large and two small. Yet, I prefer a road bike, which I am planning to buy soon.
I bike for fun with my daughters and also enjoy following the bike paths for some exercise.

Guest Testimonials

We are happy to welcome Tino into the Siciclando family. As we continue to grow as a company our focus is to maintain the connections with our guests and sharing the best of Italy on every tour. Tino is a big part of making this happen. He is a great fit!

Dario Carzan, Co-owner of Siciclando

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