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Giuseppe1My bike is a companion in my adventures, a way to look inside myself. Pedaling gives me mixed emotions: the satisfaction after a long ascent while admiring the vast landscape down below; the rising sun when you’re up at dawn; being caught by a rain shower on a country lane; or the sudden view of a volcano appearing just around a bend, rising up like a wound in the earth.

Complex and intimate emotions on one hand, while absolutely immediate on the other. A feeling that needs to be shared with those who love culture and nature, either on a bike or with hiking boots.

Sicily has many identities and I hope to introduce you and your family to each of them, whether on the road or just with a glass of good wine.

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June 25

Favorite Gelato!

Chocolate, coffee, almond and pistachio. Every time I go into a gelateria I am drawn to the bright colors of the fruity flavors and the idea that they are lighter…but 90% of the time I choose the same two simple flavors: coffee and nut (nocciola). When I’m in Ibla at our special gelateria I turn to nut or Carob!

Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

The best way to discover a place is with the local people who know it. We are connected to our guests from the reservation until the end of the tour…and beyond. As the owners and guides we are making the decisions versus carrying out the plans of an external office. We know what our guests like and want, and we are able to develop tours that create authentic Italian experiences. We are a small company, flexible and strong. Our customers arrive as clients and leave as members of the Siciclando family.

What bike do you ride when not on tour?

Cervelo S2 and Cervelo R3. Both are special bikes with different attitudes.

Guest Testimonials

“There are not enough words to descripe Giuseppe! He was amazing…always one step ahead.”

-Janet P. – Custom Apulia & Amalfi Tour

“Giuseppe did a great job of meeting our needs! Giuseppe and Dario add a personal touch that makes each trip special.”

-Greg G. – Basilicata Bike Tour

“Giuseppe was spectacular in every way.”

-Earl L. – Eastern Sicily Tour

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