Andrea Agrippa

Tour Leader

About Me

How can you look at life through only one lens? There is so much to see and experience.  For me, it is about finding the beauty of different places and different people in a variety of ways – through adventure, culture, and art.

I am an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy sailing, climbing and mountaineering…and of course cycling.  I also value the arts in all forms: visual, musical, literature, philosophy….even science. For art is where the human connection is the deepest.

This is why Siciclando is appealing to me.  There is the ability to balance the activity with art as I share my country and traditions on a bike tour.  My good friend Daniele (also a Siciclando Tour Leader) suggested I join the Siciclando Family. It was a revelation.

In my first Siciclando tour season I’ve spent amazing experiences and good times with guests and people we met on the road. Now I look forward to continuing on this journey and create those same feelings again.

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June, the 5th

Favorite Gelato!

Just one? This is a tough question!
I would go with Lemon! So refreshing in summer. I am an expert in comparing the quality of ice cream makers by tasting it. The best one is made without cream and not too much sugar. If it is really good, I will have two!

Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

The people and the places. Siciclando is like being around your best friends. You are sure they will not let you down….especially within a bike tour! Then, just imagine, journeying in astonishing landscapes at your pace and at the end of the day resting in places with incredible food and drinks. I believe there is no better way to appreciate a territory: discovering with passion and always being engaged.

What bike do you ride when not on tour?

I ride a fixed-gear or one-speed bike which I assembled by myself; choosing every single piece. It has a handmade frame welded and tailored to me by an Italian artisan old master. I love it! Even though it is born to be on a single track, I enjoy riding it in the city or on gentle routes, well, until it gets too steep.

Guest Testimonials

We highly recommend Siciclando! Andrea will be our friend for life!

D. Zolan, Sicily Bike Tour

Andrea was brilliant! He blended in, as always. Nothing was a problem and he was flexible when we had to change things.

Michael C. Taste of Sicily

The team provided the “personal touch” that made the trip truly special. We felt safe, we’ll prepared, and expertly supported.

Richard D, Piedmont Custom Tour

Andrea was a great guide! Appreciated his enthusiasm about the history, country, food, and attention to details.

Carol F. Custom Sicily Bike Tour

This was our second Sicily tour with Andrea as our guide. As with the first tour, it was superb! From our first tour with him, we knew to expect excellence, and our expectations were still exceeded! Andrea is more than an excellent, knowledgeable, personable guide; he's a real companion.

Peter Y. Sicily Baroque Bike Tour

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