Gloria Gabrielli

Tour Leader

About Me

Originally from Turin in the north of Italy, love took me to Palermo, the capital of Sicily.  This has allowed me to discover other parts of my country and see the beauties of new regions.  I love to travel with my legs, but especially with my mind…so, I read and I write.

I love and need air, movement in all its senses, so this is why Siciclando is very good for me.  It allows me to be myself and gives me the opportunity to be in movement all the time. And, I get to know people from other places.


May 6

Favorite Gelato!

Gianduja (this is Nutella at its best) and Pistachio – Yet, let me say, it’s a really hard choice.

Why is Siciclando the best way to discover Italy?

From my first meeting with Siciclando I could see the importance of giving people an authentic and unforgettable experience. Each tour is a discovery of Italy mixed with action. It goes beyond seeing places, to really experiencing Italy. You become part of the beautiful landscapes. Plus, reaching a place after challenging yourself on a bike ride makes you feel proud of yourself and you feel like you have really “earned” the food and wine! Our focus is to create well organized tours, allowing you to enjoy it, which is special for you and for us. 

What is your favorite vacation spot of Italy?

The Aeolian Islands… It's a special and magical place for me. It’s as if I live in a dream when I'm there. 

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