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The best way to experience a new place is with the natives – people who not only know the culture, but are the culture. On our bike tours we guarantee native guides – professionals who provide quality service and exceptional experiences. We take you on the backroads we enjoy. Look for experiences that mean something to us. And, we introduce you to our Italian friends along the way. Be Italian with Siciclando.

Our Team
Dario CarzanCompany FounderDario is the master of tiramisu and the visionary behind Siciclando. He takes care of guest inquiries.... READ MORE
One of the reasons we come back is the Siciclando staff -- service minded, friendly, and professional at the same time. Many companies have something to learn from you when it comes to building customer service relationships.
Giuseppe CrinòCompany FounderGiuseppe loves to bike and he is responsible for our custom tours & itineraries. He knows the back roads like no one else.... READ MORE
Having a guide that was
a native of Sicily made this a special trip. Giuseppe's knowledge of the places and the people was beyond compare. It was a wonderful experience.
Lezlie BurkleyMarketing Director and 1-800/Travel AdvisorLezlie knows the best pastry shops in Italy and is the communications bridge between Siciclando and North America.... READ MORE
Andrea AgrippaTour LeaderFor me, it is about finding the beauty of different places and different people in a variety of ways – through adventure, culture, and art.... READ MORE
Daniele TarozziTour LeaderDaniele enjoys sharing his country and culture: the food, wine, art, and lifestyle. Honestly, it is my hope to share with you all that Siciclando and Italy have to offer. I am really proud of being a part of the favorite photos and fond memories framed and pinned on the walls of so many different homes in the world.... READ MORE
Luca RivettiTour LeaderLife is an adventure with many things to learn and try. ... READ MORE
The best part of our trip
was Dario! He was like a member of our family and this was the best family vacation we have ever had.
Ilaria PontonioGround Operations Manager and Tour DesignerIlaria brings Italy to life on our tours. She has a magic touch!... READ MORE
Paolo made our trip
feel as though we were traveling through Sicily with family. We couldn't have felt more welcome in each place we went.
Valentin MusteataTour Leader I love cycling, hiking, climbing, playing football (known as soccer in the US) and discovering new places.... READ MORE
Our tour guide, Daniele, made the trip such a unique experience. Not only was he knowledgable and helpful in every aspect, he was also great fun to be around
Enrico PapiniTour LeaderI am Enrico - a middle aged man with a millennial soul!... READ MORE
Gloria GabrielliTour LeaderI love and need air, movement in all its senses.... READ MORE
Roberta AgateTour LeaderMy education and interest in nature define my philosophy: “Be gentle with the Earth.”... READ MORE
Chiara CarusoLogistics CoordinatorI believe in following your interests. If you are interested in travel, we are well matched.... READ MORE
Pippo & LetitziaSicilian Deli OwnersAlways a big welcome! Always great food! Prosciutto sandwiches. Smoked Riccotta cheese. Pistachio cream. These dear friends bring a beautiful energy to our lunch stop at the base of Mt Etna. Their deli is full of mouthwatering cheeses, salami, prosciutto – the makings for an incredible sandwich. They always surprise us with special extras such as onion jam, sweet pistachio cream, and local wine. Save room in your suitcase…this is the place we do some specialized grocery shopping. Meet Pippo and Letitzia on our Sicily Baroque Towns Bike Tour.... READ MORE
GiannaGianna and Giorgio make Italian cooking fun and memorable on our Amazing Apulia tour.... READ MORE
GiorgioCertified Olive Oil TasterFourth-generation olive oil producer…olive oil is in his blood. In addition to producing one of the best olive oils in Tuscany, he is an Italian certified olive oil taster; a job that requires he recertify every six months. He takes olive oil seriously and creates a fun tasting for us so we know what we are buying and what we should be buying. Meet Giorgio on our Tuscany Maremma Tour.... READ MORE
WillieTrustworthy Truffle DogJoin truffle hound Willie and his loyal owner Luca in a chestnut forest for a truffle hunt. ... READ MORE
La MuccaOrganic & ReliableMeet the 260 cows at the family-run, organic parmesan farm. Each day they produce 6,000 liters/1585 gallons of milk, which becomes fifteen 39 kilogram/86 pound wheels of organic parmesan cheese! That’s 5,455 wheels of cheese each year! Mamma mia!... READ MORE
PatriziaTurin Tour GuidePatrizia introduces us to the rich and noble history of Turin. Walk Turin’s ancient porticos and open plazas with our friend Patrizia and you will see the deep beauty and importance of this city….to her, to the region, and to Italy. Patrizia delightfully explains the meaning behind the buildings, the key role Turin played in the unification of Italy, and the personalities that pulled it off.
Explore Turin with Patrizia on the Piedmont: Bike the Kingdom of Italy.... READ MORE
CristinaCooking CompanionEnjoy a cooking class at Christina’s home. Food and fun! Christina, along with her sister and niece, offer a fun evening of cooking, eating, and drinking local wine! Spend an evening with these charming ladies as we make fresh pasta, traditional Umbrian fare, and even learn Christina’s secrets to a good tiramisu. Join our Tuscany and Umbria: Cycling the soul of Italy Tour for an unforgettable experience.... READ MORE
EmanueleVolcanologist extraordinaireThe science guy who makes our hikes of volcanoes fun! The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of small volcanic islands. Emanuele helps us understand the creation and geology of these places on interesting hikes. Explore the steaming volcano on Vulcano Island during our Taste of Sicily Tour. Emanuele also guides hikes on the explosive volcano of Stromboli Island on custom Sicily tours. He loves what he does and he enjoys sharing his passion with us.... READ MORE
TanoGranita MasterTano makes the best flavored ice in Sicily! A refreshing treat after our ride. Expect a refreshing homemade granita and a big hug (for the ladies) from our long-time friend Tano. A native of Lipari in the Aeolian Islands, Tano takes great care in the food he prepares at his bar. Coffee granita topped with billowy whipped cream. Blackberry granita made from the wild blackberries above Tano’s house; berries he hand picks in the morning and turns into a flavorful treat by afternoon. Tano shares stories and tips on cracking special rocks along the beach in front of his bar. Join us on the Taste of Sicily Tour and enjoy the best granita in Sicily.... READ MORE
CinziaRome Tour GuideCinzia leads you through the streets of Rome past historical sites to…pastries! Cinzia is our expert on Rome. She balances her tours with a mix of the known and unknown places – churches, historic sites, important plazas. Interesting facts and great stories spill out along the way. Plus, she always knows where to find the best pastries and a coffee! That is our favorite part of the walking tour! We can coordinate a walking tour of Rome for you with Cinzia before or after any bike tour you have scheduled.... READ MORE