Cycling for All

During the reservation process, we will work with you to discuss the best options for your expectations and level of experience. We also understand that friends and couples do not always bike the same and one tour must accommodate different experiences. Our tours accommodate multiple level of cyclists — from leisure cyclists who like to take their time and may prefer some van support to avid cyclists who make ask for optional extensions to get some more miles in before heading back to the hotel. Each tour offers different terrain, routes, and itineraries and we have made adjustments to help meet your expectations and experience. We keep your pace in mind – whatever it may be.

Levels of Cycling

Leisure Cyclist
  • I usually ride on weekends only.
  • I bike 20 – 30 miles over a 2 to 3 hour period. I prefer a comfortable pace.
  • I don’t mind a few hills, but might need van support for longer climbs.
Active Cyclist
  • I ride a few times a week and try to take longer rides on the weekend
  • I am comfortable biking 30 – 40 miles over a 3 to 5 hour period. I prefer a vigorous/sustained physical pace.
  • Hills are part of my usual route, but I can only do so many and don’t necessarily seek them out.
Avid Cyclist
  • I bike most days of the week or go for longer/more strenuous rides three or more days a week.
  • I like biking over 40 – 50 miles a day and can sustain 17 to 19 mph. I like going at a faster pace to get in more miles.
  • I like climbs – multiple hills and summits!

Tours based on cycling abilities:

  • Sicily Baroque Towns Easy Biking Tour (Leisure Cyclist)
  • Sicily by the Sea (Leisure Cyclist)
  • Tuscany Easy Biking Tour (Leisure Cyclist)
  • Apulia Easy Biking Tour (Leisure Cyclist)
Active & Energetic Leisure Cyclists
  • Taste of Sicily (Active and Energetic Leisure Cyclists)
  • Sicily: Three Ways (Active and Energetic Leisure Cyclists)
  • Tuscany Maremma Biking Tour (Active and Energetic Leisure Cyclists)
Active Cyclists
  • Sicily Baroque Towns and Rolling Hills (Active Cyclists)
  • Sicily Hills and Sea Biking Tour (Active Cyclists)
  • Cycling Tuscan Hills (Active Cyclists)
  • Tuscany and Umbria: Cycling the soul of Italy (Active Cyclists)
Avid Cyclists
  • Dolomites Custom Tours