A Dolomites Biking Tour Offers the Best of Two Worlds

Once you’ve experienced the breathtaking Italian countryside by way of a cycling tour, we guarantee you’ll want to come back. At Siciclando Italian Bike Tours, we treat all of our guests like extended family, and we’re thrilled when people who have ridden with us in the past return to explore new routes. This is why we continue to add destinations to our custom itineraries, including a challenging ride through the Dolomites.

The Dolomites are a protected landmark in Northern Italy, a beautiful mountain chain comprising part of the Italian Alps. UNESCO named this area a World Heritage Site, and automotive restrictions during peak travel periods allow cyclists to enjoy unspoiled views of the mountains and green valleys in summer. Pictures attempt to do the Dolomites justice, but they must be seen to truly be appreciated.

We could give you a hundred reasons to book a custom biking tour of Northern Italy and the Dolomites, but if we had to narrow it down:

  1. Biking the Dolomites enhances the adventure of your Italian vacation. Since you’ll be riding in mountainous regions, the custom routes are more challenging than bike tours on flat and coastal terrains. If you’re fit and have dreamed of cycling in the Giro d’Italia, a custom Siciclando tour here is the next best thing.
  2. A Dolomites tour is like visiting two countries for the price of one. Before World War I, this region used to be part of Austria. A century later, you’ll still find influences of Austrian and German architecture and culture in surrounding Alpine towns. As you ride, you might think you’ve crossed a border!
  3. As with any biking tour of Italy, the food is the big reward after a long ride. Tyrolean cuisine features hardy dishes of Austrian-style dumplings, potatoes, and cured meats. Canederli allo Speck, a savory bread dumpling cooked with bacon or prosciutto, is one of many signature meals to try.
  4. Biking the Dolomites is not only for hardcore cyclists. There is diversity in the routes – from gentler bike paths to challenging climbs up the winding mountain passes. You can choose the best route for you. Plus, we have hosted several groups of diverse bikers in the Dolomites with some riders on e-bikes that allow them to do the same routes with the support they need.

The Dolomites are also home to several grapes native to Italy. If you prefer red wine to white, you’ll have the opportunity to sample vintages made with Teroldego – which are bold and spicy, similar to Zinfandel – and Marzemino, which gives off a dark, fruity flavor.

Summer is the ideal time to tour the Dolomites on bicycle. With fewer cars in the area thanks to Limited Travel Zones, you have an unrestricted route through the Italian Alps. We at Siciclando would love to help you arrange a custom biking tour that takes you through the must-see sites of this part of Northern Italy.

If you are interested in a bike tour of the Dolomites, let’s speak. We customize each Dolomite bike tour to ensure your discovery of the Dolomites is unique and on target. Call us at 1-800-881-0484 or contact us by email at info@siciclando.com.

Need more inspiration? The New York Times covered the Dolomites in their 36 Hours travel series